What We Are Not


“I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.” –Psalm 32:8

Perception does not always define reality, and incorrect assumptions may easily lead to false conclusions. While we believe that our church is accurately defined by the statements included throughout this website, we recognize that our generally age-integrated approach to church may cause some to associate us with certain movements or doctrines which also tend to use an age-integrated approach. Please recognize that our preferred ministry model similarities are not an indication of likeminded doctrine and teaching.

Though similar in model, Legacy Baptist Church is not tied to any larger movement such as the Integrated Church Movement (ICM) or the Family-Integrated Church (FIC). We believe this must be clarified due to the tendency that some people may have to lump all age-integrated ministries into these groups. We do not intend to make the same mistake by, in turn, attempting to define all churches that may be tied to such movements, and so we here only attempt to list just a few teachings that are not true of our church.

1. We do not preach a Reformed/Calvinistic Theology.

2. We do not preach an Arminian Theology.

3. We do not preach a Replacement Theology (replacing Israel with the church).

4. We do not preach a Dominion Theology (promoting cultural reformation and redeeming the world itself).

5. We do not preach a Post-Millennial Theology (bringing in Christ’s Kingdom by overcoming the sin of this age).

6. We do not preach a Theonomy Theology (an outgrowth of Reconstructionist Theology obligated to Old Testament Law).

7. We do not shun the Great Commission (suggesting focus on strengthening families, but not reaching the world).

8. We do not promote an exclusively Family-Oriented Church (suggesting a failure to reach and include all people).

9. We do not associate with the ICM, the FIC, or Vision Forum (and are not to be identified with such movements or theologies).

10. We do not associate with New Evangelicalism (but rather preach ecclesiastical separation).

11. We do not promote Home Churches (suggesting here a lack of authority and accountability).

This partial listing is made in an attempt to answer some of the potential misconceptions made about Legacy. We trust that you will find it helpful in more accurately examining the beliefs and practices of our church. Should you still have questions regarding our beliefs, practices, or associations…please do not hesitate to ask.

“Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” –I Thessalonians 5:21