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“Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.” –Psalm 92:13

Legacy Baptist Church invites you to visit with us, and shares here the times and descriptions of its weekly gatherings, and a map for directions to our church is near the bottom of the page:


Service Times

Sunday School 9:00 am

Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 am

Sunday Evening Worship 7:00 pm

Wednesday Prayer Meeting 7:00 pm

Thursday Soulwinning 7:00 pm

Friday Fellowships TBA


Descriptions of Gatherings

Sunday School: 9:00 am

We invite all ages to join together during this hour of sharing and learning the Bible. Within the general structure of this gathering is a flexibility and informality that allows for interaction and participation from those gathered. The spirited participation of the younger challenges the older to keep learning and growing, and the maturity of the adults provides a picture of depth and experience in the Christian life. Exercises of singing, quizzing, memory work, project sharing, and teaching in this age-integrated setting is designed to better foster church unity of fellowship and encouragement through the unified focus. Individual families also benefit by further dwelling on these Bible themes throughout the week (both in review of the previous lesson and in preparation for the coming lesson). 

Sunday Morning Worship: 10:00 am

The firstfruit of our attention and time during each week is focused upon our Lord Jesus Christ as we gather together around His word and His people. There is a formal plan to these services that provides opportunity for singing, testimonies, thanksgiving, prayer time, special music, ordinances as scheduled,  and preaching…all in the context of worship and response toward our God. Please be sure to read the “Our Worship” page to better understand our attitudes and approach to our services. A portion of our weekly plan allows and encourages voiced participation in sharing testimonies, prayer requests, and thanksgiving. Edification of the saints and the worship of our Saviour are primary focuses during this service, but the evangelization of the lost with the gospel will be regularly pursued, as they may be welcomed guests amongst us. The order of service exercises may change from week to week (as we help to fight the tendency toward mindless routine), but these elements will be present to some extent in most all of our services.    

Sunday Evening Worship: 7:00 pm

One purpose of the evening service to help keep the Lord’s Day from becoming just another Saturday following the morning service. Essentially, the attitudes and exercises of this meeting are similar to the morning service, and yet it is a completely different set of songs/hymns, specials, sermon, etc. In that Sunday evening services have become a thing of the past with many churches, we have found that our evening gatherings often include visitors from other churches in the area. This later meeting often finds itself accompanied by after-church singspirations or fellowships.

Wednesday Prayer Meeting: 7:00 pm

This middle-of-the-week service has the potential of containing the same general elements as the Sunday services, however, it is called and intended to be a ‘prayer meeting’. We have no intention of putting our prayer into a box of time. We pray, and at length in most services, because we believe in it. The singing and Bible study elements will be flexible enough to serve the priority of praising God and sharing requests amongst the congregation, and they will allow freedom of opportunity to pray as desired or needed. While individual participation will be encouraged and welcomed, there is no need to anticipate that those uncomfortable with praying in public will be asked to do so.

Thursday Soulwinning 7:00 pm

While the gospel is regularly communicated in and through our scheduled church services, we recognize that, as a body of saved believers, our focus is primarily to edify one another and worship our Lord. The Bible commission for reaching the lost is to “go” and “to every creature.”  Therefore, in our local context, we set aside designated times in which we actively attempt to “preach the gospel” to our community at large. Most often, we spend time going from door to door introducing people to the good news in Jesus Christ. Whatever may be the ability or comfort level of one in pursuing this exciting command, we are sure that your participation will be rewarded. Training and encouragement has been offered to most all of us at some point in our lives, and we’re eager and willing to help grow others in this discipline. Of course, this exercise may be conducted at any point throughout daily life, but we make available this one focused opportunity each week for those that prefer a schedule.

Friday Fellowships

An emphasis of our church culture is to know and love each other individually and collectively. To help facilitate this, we strongly encourage regular times of togetherness outside of the church services. As we do not regularly populate our evenings and weekends with church organized youth programs, our entire church body is more freed to pursue deeper relationships with the church as a whole. We sometimes organize whole-church fellowships, but most often encourage the families of the church to create their own smaller gatherings of fellowship within the church body…rotating through the membership and including everyone (even non-member attendees when and where possible). Some light checks and guidance are put in place to help us be sure that we are getting to better know everyone within the church family…that is, all ages getting to know everyone. Times and places will certainly vary to accommodate this ideal, but as a general point of focus, we try to encourage availability and willingness to gather on Friday evenings, if possible. At the very least, it’s a starting point with which to have the conversation.


Map & Directions

Use the following map for directions to our church, or contact us if you would like further information or guidance. (Those with local familiarity will know our church building to have previously been the First Congregational Church of Christ.)


“Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” –Hebrews 10:25