What to Expect


“And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and good works.” –Hebrews 10:24

Legacy Baptist Church understands that first visits can be intimidating due to unknowns. Perhaps bringing the entire family or inviting a friend might help ease any unfamiliarity. We can only assure you that you will find us to be warm and friendly. As guests, you are welcomed and encouraged to join with us in our services, whether as an observer or an active participant.   

The breadth of pages on this website give fairly detailed descriptions of our beliefs and practices, but here are just a few answers to some common questions people may have before attending the first time:

What are the church services like?

In a day where churches often define their services as traditional or contemporary, our church more closely identifies with what some would call traditional approaches…but not necessarily tied to every used tradition. We might prefer to use the word ‘timeless’ as a description of our church practices and exercises. We have hoped to breathe some freshness into our services by reexamining them through the lens of the Scripture. You’ll find a formal plan of worship in our preaching, singing, and musical offerings, but with flexibility enough to let this body of believers share in more informal times of thanksgiving, testimony, requests, and prayer. View the Our Worship page and the Visit Us page for further clarity regarding our services. These attitudes and approaches to church gatherings are consistent with Scriptural ideals that are indeed timeless…standing the test of time and the word of God.

How long are the services?

The Sunday School length is less than an hour. Our other services are likely closer to an hour-and-a-half, but none of them have a definite ending time. We purposely attempt to leave flexibility and freedom within our gatherings. We dread cutting off testimony time, prayer time, the last point of the preaching, or the 3rd verse of a hymn simply to be done at a set time. We’d prefer to let the services run their natural course as we are blessed in them. Those that may need to leave early should not feel hindered.

Do you really keep everyone together in the services?

Absolutely! All are welcome in our services. We find great joy in worshiping together. Children should benefit greatly from participating with seasoned believers in the exercises of worship, and adults ought to be challenged to fulfill their roles in making disciples of the younger. Within that framework, we desire to be family-friendly…even to the point of appreciating the process that comes with training children. Mothers with babies, children with wiggles, people with health issues, elderly or disabled with special seating needs, those with involuntary noises…we hope to make each one welcome in our services. If we can better serve the needs of people to allow their attendance or comfort during the assemblings, it is our determination to do so.

Must you give money as an offering?

The church is supported by the regular giving of its membership and others who choose to give through this church. Our visitors are in no way expected to give upon their attendance with us, and yet, they should know that there is an offering box available for all who desire to worship the Lord and support His work.

How should people dress?

There is not a dress code for attending our church, and having you join with us is of more importance than is the brand or price of your clothing. Still, we do like to keep before people some Bible principles (modesty, appropriateness, not being a stumblingblock, offering our best, etc.)  that encourage toward pleasing dress. Keeping in mind that we are gathering to worship the Lord of the universe and the Savior of mankind generally helps to guide what we might wear within our cultural context.

Are there programs for children? 

We are an age-integrated church (meaning we don’t normally separate our church family into divided classes), and we have grown to see the many benefits of worshipping, learning, and fellowshipping together as a church body. We realize this might be a new idea for you, and so we’re delighted to further answer your many questions in person, through reading the pertinent pages on this website, or through our Contact page.

Are you an independent Baptist church?

Independent Baptist churches function autonomously and without any hierarchy of authority outside of the church. We do enjoy a growing fellowship with other Baptist churches in the state and beyond, but we are not part of a larger Baptist denomination. 

What version of the Bible do you use?

We use the King James Version (KJV) in all of our services, and we encourage you to use the same. Aside from the reasons we have for using this version (and we’re happy to explain), we think you’ll benefit immensely from having the same unified reading as the rest of the assembly. We use our Bibles during the preaching/teaching times, but also for public reading of passages in most services, and weekly Scripture memory times, as well. Your participation is welcomed and encouraged in these exercises, and will be better facilitated by finding unity of reading. We’ll help to provide a Bible for you, if desired.

“…that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.” –1 Timothy 3:15